Fast facts about MobileMuster

  • MobileMuster started in late 1998. As the mobile phone industry's official product stewardship scheme, its aim is to keep old mobiles out of landfill and to recycle them in a safe, secure and ethical way.  It is the industry's program to takeresponsibility for its products at the end of their useful life.
  • The program is voluntarily funded and managed by mobile handset manufacturers, service providers, network carriers and distributors.
  • It's currently the only industry-led mobile recycling program in the world.
  • Since starting out, MobileMuster has collected 1,014 tonnes of mobile phones components including 7.7 million handsets and batteries and over 518,000 kg of accessories (as at 30 June 2013).
  • Australia has over 30 million mobile phone subscribers and members of MobileMuster import over 7 million mobiles  into Australia every year.
  • On average Australians replace their handsets every 18-24 months*.
  • 82% of mobile phone users either kept (61%) or passed on (21%) their previous mobile phone; 9% of people recycled it, 3% threw it out, 3% were lost or stolen*.
  • It's estimated there are over 23 million unwanted mobiles in homes around Australia*.
  • Over 90% of the materials in mobile phones, batteries and chargers can be recycled.
  • Mobile phones are not biodegradable and contain substances that can potentially harm the environment if not handled correctly at the end of a phone's useful life.
  • MobileMuster has over 4,000 public collection points across Australia.
  • Old mobiles and their accessories can also be posted in for free to MobileMuster by downloading a reply-paid mailing label, or picking up a pre-paid satchel from Australia Post.
  • Download PDF version of latest Key Mobile Phone Recycling Facts


*Independent online survey conducted in December 2012 by IPSOS on behalf of AMTA of 1027 mobile phone users, aged 16 years or older randomly selected from all States across Australia.