Latest Achievements

  • The industry has invested over $40 million into the program which has recycled over 10 million handsets and batteries since the program started in 1998. 
  • Collections: Last year we collected 76 tonnes of mobile phone components including an estimated 1,030,000 handsets and batteries. 
  • Recycling: In the last year, the program diverted 98.7% of the components they collected from landfill. These recycled materials and returned to the supply chain to be used in the production of new products. 
  • Consumer Awareness: Whilst most Australians know they can recycle their mobile phones 42% of them are holding onto two or more old handsets, which has increased from previous years taking the number of old and unused phones in Australia to 25.5 million.

  • Collection Network: We provide an extensive network with over 3,100 public drop off points across the country along with a free post back option, aswell as workplaces and schools promoting mobile phone recycling to their community and running internal collection drives. 

 Annual Reports