Recycling your 2G Mobile Phone

Posted October 24, 2016

Over the next 12 months Australia’s network carriers Telstra, Optus and Vodafone will be closing their 2G mobile networks which means that 2G customers will need to upgrade their SIM card and possibly their mobile phone. If you are upgrading your mobile phone MobileMuster is encouraging all customers to recycle their old mobiles and their accessories.

MobileMuster provides a free recycling service that accepts all brands and types of mobile phones, plus their batteries, chargers and accessories. There are over 3,100 drop-off points around Australia for customers to recycle including all of the major phone retailers, alongside a free post back recycling satchel available from any Australia Post.

Further Information     

For help in upgrading your SIM card and mobile phone go to your nearest carrier store or contact them via the links below.

Important Dates  Further Information
1 December 2016 Telstra 2G network will be closed.

Telstra: How to make the switch from our 2G network

Ph: 1800 718 650

1 August 2017 Optus 2G network will be closed.

Optus will finalise the shut down of its 2G network across Australia.

Optus: 2G Network Closure Update

Ph: 13 43 15 (Opt 2)

30 September 2017 Vodafone 2G network will be closed.

Vodafone: Switch Off 2G network

Ph: 1800 638 638 

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