Time to recycle your old 2G mobile

Posted July 28, 2017

As Australia finalises the closure of the 2G mobile network MobileMuster is encouraging the community to recycle their old 2G handsets. Over the next couple of months 2G handsets will no longer work and keeping one as a ‘back-up’ will become redundant. 

How to recycle

MobileMuster provides a free recycling service that accepts all brands and types of mobile phones, plus their batteries, chargers and accessories. The easiest way to recycle is to take the old 2G handset back to your local mobile phone retail store.  Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin mobile are all part of the program and host a MobileMuster collection box. Search for your nearest collection point. 

Before recycling it is important to remove any personal information from your handset. Read our tips on how to manage the data on your mobile phone. If the 2G handset is broken and you are unable to remove your data don’t let that stop you from recycling. MobileMuster ensures that any data left of your mobile phone will be destroyed during the recycling process so you can feel confident no one can access your information in the future.

Further Information     

Telstra have already closed their 2G mobile network and Optus will finalise the closure of their network across Australia by 1 August. Vodafone have planned to close their 2G network in September. If you are unsure how the closure of the 2G network affects you contact your mobile phone carrier.

Important Dates 

Further Information

1 December 2016 Telstra 2G network will be closed.

Telstra: How to make the switch from our 2G network

Ph: 1800 718 650

1 August 2017 Optus 2G network will be closed.

Optus: 2G Network Closure Update

Ph: 13 43 15 (Opt 2)

30 September 2017 Vodafone 2G network will be closed.

Vodafone: Switch Off 2G network

Ph: 1800 638 638