2015-16 Collection figures

  • 76,073kg of mobile phones, their batteries & accessories collected;
    • includes approximately 423,000 handsets and 605,000 phone batteries;
    • plus 27,849kg of accessories and phone parts.



1516 State Breakdown

The above graph shows the breakdown of mobile phone components by weights that MobileMuster has received from our collection sites by State. Retail collection sites make up 38% of our collections nationally. Not included in this graph are collections received through our Australia Post reply paid satchels and labels since these collections are centralised in Victoria for processing and the sender’s location is not tracked.  Reply Paid make up 31% of our overall collections.  Also not included in the graph is service centres as most of these are either NSW or VIC based.

 Other collection partners include Local Councils, workplaces, and government agencies who also contribute 31% of our overall collections yearly. Victoria has particularly strong results per population because of collections received from Re-use programs as the majority of them are based there.  ACT also has high collections based on their population mainly because of collections from Government agencies based there.  In the State of SA a high proportion of their collections also come from Government agencies and Local Councils.

 Total collection figures (Nov 1998 - 30 June 2016)

Annual collection figures 1999-2016

2013-14 collections

*Since AMTA changed recyclers in June 2011 greater detail on the types of accessories received is now being provided. Specifically, separating display handsets from mobile phone accessories. As display handsets are not a mobile phone component and represent a material volume it was considered inappropriate to include them in collection weights and rates for 2012/13 figures. The 2011/12 figures have also been adjusted. Prior to 2011/12 display handsets were reported as accessories. No adjustments have been made to figures prior to 2011/12.