1. Backup all of your data to your laptop or cloud before performing any resets.
  2. Before resetting, remove your SIM card and any memory card. If possible, make sure the phone is charged to 100% so that the phone will be powered to complete the reset process.
  3. Follow the instructions below for your model of phone. If your model is not listed please visit the Motorola website for further information.



RAZR V3 (2004)

Phone off – hard reset

  • Hold the following buttons simultaneously for 20 seconds: Power & Volume Down. 

  • When the phone vibrates, releasePower before it stops vibrating.
  • The Android screen appears, again hold the following buttons simultaneously: Power & Volume Down. 

  • Scroll using volume buttons, and select Wipe Data / factory reset using the Power button.

  • Select Reboot System using thePower button.

C200 (2003-6)

From the menu

Menu > Settings > Initial Setup > Master Clear > enter 6 digit security code (factory default is 000000) > OK > Yes.

V195 (2006)

From the menu

Menu > Settings > Security > Enter the lock code (factory default is 0000 or 1234) > Erase/Reset > Reset Phone > Press left soft key.

 Q (2005)

Phone off – hard reset

  • Power on the phone.

  • When the carrier screen appears, hold the centre button on the navigation pad.

  • Hold down untilMaster Resetscreen appears.

  • Click Yes using left soft key.

Motorola Moto G

Phone off – hard reset

  • Press Volume Down for about 2-3 seconds.

  • Still holding Volume Down, press and hold the Power button for a few more seconds.

  • Release both buttons.

  • Using the volume buttons to scroll, select Recovery using the Power button.

  • When the Android logo appears, press and hold Volume Up.

  • While still holding Volume Up, press and release the Power button.

  • Press Volume Down to choose Wipe data/factory reset.

  • Push Power button to confirm.

  • Select Yes - delete all user data.

  • Select Reboot system now.

From the menu

Settings > Backup & reset > Reset phone > Erase everything > OK.


While we make every effort to ensure that the material and information on this website is accurate and up-to-date when published, it is general information intended as a guide only. Please keep in mind that you are responsible to ensure that any personal information has been erased from your mobile device. If needed, seek advice relevant to your mobile phone from the manufacturers.