We've created some handy resources to help you promote MobileMuster in the workplace. 

Why get your workplace involved?

Partnering with MobileMuster is a great way you can demonstrate your workplace's corporate responsibility and commitment to sustainability. By getting involved you'll be:

  • Diverting mobiles and potentially hazardous substances from landfill
  • Ensuring that 90% of the materials in the mobiles you collect are recovered
  • Avoiding future greenhouse gas emissions
  • Able to report on the weight of mobile components you recover, for inclusion in sustainability reports
  • Engaging staff in a positive, environmentally focused initiative
  • Upon request you can also receive a certificate of destruction to confirm recycling of mobiles and accessories

Read our case studies of workplaces who have partnered with MobileMuster and learn about the environmental and business benefits they have achieved. 

Workplace recycling options

When your workplace registers with MobileMuster, you'll have two options for how you collect and manage mobiles.

OPTION 1: A free pick-up & processing service. When your unit is full, simply book a free pick-up. Upon request we can provide you with a certificate of destruction outlining the weight of the collection, including the weight of handsets, batteries and accessories.

OPTION 2: IMEI tracking service:  For a small cost per handset recycled we can offer an IMEI tracking service. This is where our recyclers verify the receipt of each handset against an inventory list provided by your organisation. Once everything has been received, confirmed and processed, we will provide you a sign-off sheet plus certificate of destruction. Should there be any discrepancies, we will alert you right away.

To find out more about the options call the MobileMuster team on 1800 249 113 (option 2) or email

Booking a pick-up

Registered sites can book a FREE pick-up by contacting our team on 1800 249 113, or by booking online You're required to transfer your collection into a plain cardboard box so it's ready for transporting.

When you book a pick-up, our collections team will provide you with a reference number that you'll need to write on the box. This should match the paperwork of the courier driver that comes to collect it.