2018 Annual Report

This year MobileMuster has grown collections for the fourth year in a row. The program recycled 90 tonnes of mobile phone components which equates to 1.2 million handsets and batteries.

Key highlights from our 2018 Anual Report:

  • Delivered 70,000 meals through our OzHarvest partnership. The partnership tackled two of the fastest growing waste issues in Australia whilst providing an added incentive to motivate people to recycle their mobile phones.
  • Launched our Mobile Connections education program which provides the next generation with the knowledge and skills to take positive action for sustainability and become advocates for the program.
  • Provided over 200 devices to Able Australia helping deaf blind people stay connected with their community.
  • Increased industry participation with over 90% of manufacturers and 84% of network carriers part of the program.
  • Maximised the materials that can be recovered from the recycling process with a 99% resource recovery rate.
  • Continued growth of the MobileMuster collection network with 3,500 public drop off points across the country.

The industry has invested almost $45 million into the program which has recycled over 13 million handsets and batteries since it was established in 1998.

Ronni Kahn, CEO of OzHarvest with Spyro Kalos, Manager MobileMuster.

Annual Report 2018

The work of MobileMuster highlights how voluntary schemes funded by industry can work to bring real social and environmental benefits to our community.

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