Post back your mobile phone

You can recycle your mobile phones at home with our free mailing label. Follow our simple steps:

  1. Complete the form below and we will post you a mailing label.
  2. Package up your old mobile phones and accessories and attach the mailing label.
  3. Drop off your package at a AustPost red box. It’s that easy!

Mailing Label

Get your phone ready

Before you recycle, sell or give away your mobile phone, you should remove your personal information. If your mobile phone is still working watch our how to videos and follow our steps for managing data on your Android or iOS device.

Watch our how to videos

Remember that instructions can vary depending on your mobile phone. If you need help, look up the phone manufactures website. If your phone is damaged and you’re unable to remove the data, no problem. Mobile Muster makes sure all your data is destroyed through our secure recycling process. For more information visit our data management page.

Removing your data Android
Removing your data iOS