Use It or Recycle It

Do you have an old mobile stored at home? Don’t let them go to waste. If that can’t be reused it’s time to recycle them with MobileMuster. Simply drop them off, along with any accessories, at your local mobile phone retail store or post them back for free. Kick start the new year free of clutter!

Tips of getting your mobile phone ready for recycling

  • What is accepted? Mobile phones, their batteries, chargers, accessories and wearables.
  • Before you recycle download your data, log out of online accounts and perform a reset. Watch our data management how to videos for more information.
  • We ensure that nothing is resold and all data is destroyed in the recycling process.
  • MobileMuster is the recycling program of the Australian mobile phone industry and is accredited by the Federal Governmnet.

Find your nearest drop off point. Type your suburb in the form below.

      Mailing options

      If you are unable to drop-off your mobile phone you can pick up a free MobileMuster satchel from AusPost. Alternatively, complete the form below and we can send you a MobileMuster mailing label so you can post back your old mobiles and accessories for free.

      Mailing Label