Recycle it

Time to let go and
declutter your old phones.

Recycle and do some good

We can all struggle with letting go of possessions, including an old mobile phone, despite no longer using them. We know that people have strong attachments to their mobile phones. We often hold on to them in case we need to use them again, but in reality, we never do, and they just clutter our homes.

The majority of Australians that have reused or recycle their old mobile phone admit that they haven’t missed it. Actually decluttering your old technology could make you feel happier and freer. Rather than keeping those memories sitting inside a drawer, think about displaying or transfering them to your new device. Reusing or recycling these items is good for our health, our homes and the planet.

Find a drop off point

Useful tips

  • MobileMuster recycles all makes and models of mobile phones, mobile phone batteries, chargers, accessories and wearables.
  • Take a look at our data management page for information on how to transfer and remove the data off your old mobile phones.
  • Once you have decluttered your old mobiles simply use our map locator to find your nearest drop off point or recycle from home using our free mailing satchel.