Mobile Connections

Mobile Connections allows students to look at their personal connections to mobile technology and how it influences people’s choices and actions and the implications for society, the economy and the environment.

Section 5: Mobile action

Overarching inquiry question

How can I contribute to a sustainable future?

Through geographical inquiry students develop complex and deep understandings of global and local issues. Once conclusions have been drawn, students are able to propose actions, predict outcomes and, where possible, take action. This section outlines a framework for students to plan and execute individual action by following the sustainability action process (SAP). The SAP provides students with the confidence, skills and tools to take action enabling them to be global citizens that advocate for a better and more sustainable world.

Students will be encouraged to run a MobileMuster collection drive at their school.

Lesson 1: Make the case for change

Interact with the MobileMuster website. Follow the tips for running a successful MobileMuster. Support your project with a student-developed digital campaign. In addition, follow the steps within the sustainability action process to help guide your action.

Questions for inquiry:

How can I contribute to a sustainable future?

Students research
  • How many mobile phones and accessories are currently sitting inactive in our homes?
  • What current systems are in place to reuse and recycle these phones?
  • Where are local MobileMuster drop-off points?
  • Who at our school are stakeholders in this issue?
  • What have we discovered about mobile phone recycling at our school?
  • What else do we need to find out?