Electronic waste recycling trial

Recycle your old tech and help the planet

MobileMuster is running a take-back trial for your old electronics. You can responsibly recycle your modems, routers, landline phones, smart home technology, wearables, gaming devices and tablets along with any mobile phones and accessories until the end of July 2021.

Simply drop off your electronic waste at a participating Optus, Telstra or Vodafone store or use our free post back option.  MobileMuster will dismantle all the devices in Australia and recover over 95% of the materials. Recycling is good for the planet and 100% carbon neutral with MobileMuster.

What can be recycled?

You can recycle your modems, routers, landline phones, smart home technology, wearables, gaming devices and tablets along with any mobile phones and accessories.

Find a drop off point

MobileMuster drop off point for mobile phones and electronic waste.

MobileMuster drop off point for mobile phones and accessories.

Frequently asked questions

What happens to the electronic waste collected?

MobileMuster will dismantle all the devices in Australia and recover over 95% of the materials. The components are sorted into glass, plastics and metals so they can be processed separately through shredding, crushing, heating and smelting techniques to maximise resource recovery with the lowest environmental impact.

Which stores are part of the recycling trial?

You can recycle at participating Optus, Telstra and Vodafone stores. Customers should ask staff instore for details. Search the MobileMuster store locator to find your nearest drop off point and look for a blue MobileMuster collection point.


What about reusing my electronics?

If your electronics are still working you could think about extending their life through reuse. Extending the life of a product is an important part of the circular economy and will reduce their environmental impact.

There are a number of options from selling, giving away or donating your electronics that are in good condition to repair and trade-in programs. For more information on reuse follow this link. Any products received through the MobileMuster program will be dismantled and recycled. MobileMuster will not resell or reuse any of the electronics.

Is there a charge for the service?

No. This service is free of charge.

Why is the service only available in limited stores?

We are currently trialling how the expansion will work and complement  our existing recycling program for mobile phones and accessories. This trial phase will begin on May 10 and will conclude at the end of July.

What happens to the information on my old electronics?

Any data left on your old electronics will be destroyed through the recycling process. If your device is still working, we encourage you to remove any information and perform a factory reset before recycling. Follow this link to see how to prepare your phone to be recycled and check the product manufacturers website for further advice.

Can I return products that I didn’t buy from the store?

Yes, you can return all electronic products included in the trial regardless of where you purchased them.

How can I recycle from home?

You can request a reply paid label via our online form which we will post to you. Simply safely package up your old electronics and attach the label to a box or mailing satchel. Drop it off at your local AusPost box or office.

What can I recycle?
  • Mobile phones and accessories
  • Modems and routers
  • Landline phones
  • Smart home tech (smart speakers and monitoring devices)
  • Wearables ( smart watches, tracking devices and virtual reality headsets)
  • Gaming devices (consoles, docking devices and controllers)
  • Tablets and eReaders
What about other electronic products?

There are a number of take-back programs for electronic products, such as computers, printers, TVs and batteries that are not included in this trial. Please contact your local council or follow this link to Planet Ark’s Recycling Near You website.

What should I do with bulk quantities?

If you have a large quantity of electronic products, that are covered in the recycling trial, that need to be recycled MobileMuster can arrange to book in a single pickup. Book in a free pick-up by calling us on 1800 249 113 or contact us with the details.

Post back option

Complete the form below and we will send you a MobileMuster mailing label so you can post back your old electronics for free. You will need to package them into a small box or satchel (maximum of 10kgs).  Please keep any batteries inside the handset or electronic device.

If you wish to track your mailing label enter the barcode on the AusPost website to see when it has reached our recycling facility.

Mailing Label