MobileMuster Committed to Working with Councils

News Release: 20 April 2018, 03:33 UTC

Recently in the media there have been a number of news stories about local councils stopping their curbside recycling services due to cost increases associated with China’s foreign waste ban. The ban has no impact on MobileMuster’s recycling process and the program will continue to offer the community and local councils a free service throughout Australia.

In the 20 years that MobileMuster has been operating it has developed solid partnerships with over 370 local councils, providing a robust and environmentally sound solution for the disposal of mobile phones and accessories. The work with councils has diverted over 20 tonnes of mobile phone components out of landfill so they can be recovered and reused. MobileMuster’s recycling process recovers 99% of the materials in a mobile phone. MobileMuster is committed to collaborating with councils to educate the community on how they can recycle responsibly through the program.

In instances where local councils do not support mobile phone recycling then consumers can search to find alternative drop off points in their local community. The collection network for the program includes over 1500 retailers including all major phone retailers, such as Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

If your council doesn’t currently participate in the MobileMuster program and is interested in getting involved visit our partners page to register. Once registered MobileMuster provides councils with free collection units tailored for admin centres, libraries and waste transfer sites, plus resources to promote mobile phone recycling to their residents.