Spring cleaning

Repairing, reusing and recycling our old tech
is good for our homes and the environment.

The beginning of September marks the start of spring cleaning season with 78% of Australians intending to declutter their homes this year. The research shows that 9 in 10 Australians agree that getting rid of old or unused items would make them feel happier and freer in life. Now is the time for Australians to act and do something positive with their unused household items.

We have some great ideas on how to reduce the impact of your mobile phones and improve your environmental footprint. If you have an old mobile phone at home going to waste think about reusing or recycling it. Encouraging more Australians to responsibly reuse and recycle their mobile phone will result in greater environmental benefits and positive climate change impacts 

Useful tips

Here are our top five tips for reducing the impact of your old mobile phones and accessories on the environment. You can download the graphics below and share them on social media.

  1. We recycle more than the mobile phone. Don’t forget the old chargers, accessories, cases and smart watches.
  2. If you are going to sell an old phone don’t hesitate. The longer you keep it the more it will depreciate in value.
  3. When choosing a repair service, it is important to check that the technicians are trained and provide a repair warranty.
  4. Learn what happens to your mobile phone when it is recycled and the environmental benefits it delivers.
  5. When removing data on your mobile phone take a look at our instructional videos for Android and iOS.