2023 Schools Competition Winners Announced!

Fri 3 Nov 2023

Hundreds of young Australians took up the challenge to ‘Inspire Recycling Action’ by creating an artwork and entering our national School’s competition. This year marks the 5th time we’ve run this competition, and the engagement has been higher than ever.

Students could enter a photograph, drawing or short film. With two $5,000 first prizes and six finalists each receiving $1,000, the stakes were high and the judging panel were very impressed with the creative, clever and funny ideas that inspired the entries. Thank you to everyone that entered.

Congratulations to our two overall winners:

PRIMARY SCHOOL – Ava Laurance, Year 5, South Padbury Primary School, Perth

Watch her short film ‘Don’t Be Selfie-ishhere

SECONDARY SCHOOL – Thomas Klebanowski , Year  9, Camberwell Grammar School, Melbourne

Watch his short film ‘We Need to Talkhere

And further congratulations to the finalists in each category:


High School: Karl Lang – ‘Very Fishy’

A boy fishing in a lake who has caught a phone.

Primary School: Claire Crane ‘Where does your phone end up, once it takes that last selfie?’

Phones on a beach with crabs walking on them


High School: Evelyn Small ‘Recycle for a better world’

Primary School: Genevieve Niralya Sebastian ‘Let’s change the nature of E – Waste’

Short Films

High School: Sienna ‘Breaking Routine’

Primary School: Isla Kanaan ‘Banana Phone’

The competition will be back next year, bigger and better than ever. We look forward to even more amazing entries.


About MobileMuster

MobileMuster has been helping Australians recycle their mobile phones for 25 years, tackling the ever-growing problem of electronic waste. Educating the next generation of environmentally conscious consumers is one of MobileMuster’s core objectives, so in 2019 they launched a national film competition for students of all ages. This year the competition was expanded to include photography and drawing.

MobileMuster encourages consumers to think about the full lifecycle of a mobile phone through repair, reuse and then recycling when they have reached the end of their useful life. The MobileMuster Student Competition gives young Australians the chance to explore important messages about looking after the environment, recycling more and at the same time conserving precious resources.