Book a pickup

If you are a registered site book in a free pick-up by calling 1800 249 113 or booking online. Please expect delays for pick-ups as a result of recent COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria and New South Wales.

Not a registered site? You can join the program if you would like to organise ongoing collections. Alternatively, if you have mobile phones that need to be recycled and/or accessories you can book in a single pickup. Call us on 1800 249 113.

Before you book

Package all mobile phones, their batteries and accessories into a sturdy cardboard box and tape it securely, ensuring nothing can fall out during transporting. Keep the battery within the mobile phone handset. If you are recycling any loose mobile phone batteries without a handset, wrap the battery in bubble wrap or similar and seal before putting in the box. Reading our packing instructions for further information.

MobileMuster provide a secure and safe collection network. Your collection can only be picked up by a courier who has the correct Case ID written on a consignment note. Contact the police and MobileMuster immediately if any person without this Case ID attempts to remove your collection or collection unit.

What is accepted

  • All makes and models of mobile phones
  • Mobile phone batteries
  • Mobile chargers and accessories
  • Mobile wireless internet devices
  • Smart watches and fitness trackers