Packing the right way

NOTE: We do not accept loose batteries of any kind. Mobile phone batteries must be always kept inside the phone.

If you have any loose batteries of any kind (including mobile phone batteries), you must separate them and see this website for the right way to dispose of them.

The below packing instructions must be adhered to. Courier drivers may refuse to pick up your box/es if the guidelines have not been followed.

  1. Do not separate batteries from the device, they should be kept within the mobile phone/s.
  2. Use an undamaged sturdy box.
  3. Fill the box to prevent movement. Use air pillows, bubble wrap, or other non-flammable material.
  4. Check that your cardboard box does not exceed 10kgs. If it does, please use multiple boxes.
  5. Seal the box securely.
  6. For individuals, fill in your details for your post-back label here, print it out and attach it to your box.  For businesses, book your pickup on the MobileMuster portal. Have your site ID ready.
  7. Once your booking has been confirmed, you will receive an email with labels from MobileMuster. Print these off and attach to each box. The labels must be attached as it is a requirement of federal legislation.  The labels will contain the UN ADG Code and indicate to the driver that there are lithium-ion batteries in the box, which must travel by road, and extra care should be taken when transporting.
  8. The box/es are now ready to be collected. Our courier partner will arrive within 3-5 business days.


Battery Safety

Batteries fall under the Australian Dangerous Goods Code and must be stored and transported in a secure, safe and environmentally controlled manner.

It is important that you store any loose mobile phone batteries safely before contacting your local council on how to dispose of them.

  • Seal the terminals with tape to prevent sparking, using only regular non-conductive tape such as clear sticky tape.
  • Do not store loose batteries in a metal container, and ensure the container is not airtight.
  • Loose batteries must be kept in a cool, dry place and away from heat sources such as microwaves.
  • Do not store loose batteries for longer than 6 months.

Take your battery to an authorised battery disposal facility. These places offer correct recycling processes to ensure safe recycling or disposal.

For any additional support please email