MobileMuster shipping boxes

MobileMuster has developed new shipping boxes for our partners, including repair stores, to comply with transporting guidelines.

From the 1st of February 2022 all bookings from repair stores must be shipped in these new boxes.  You can order these by filling the form below.

To assist you in preparing your collections, for transportation, please follow this simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Keep mobile phone batteries in devices where possible.  Any loose batteries require their terminals to be sealed (use tape to do this) and then tied together with rubber bands top to tail.  Place the batteries in a plastic bag and then into the box/es.
  2. Ensure the box is undamaged.
  3. Fill the box to the top with product to minimize movement during transportation.  Use packing paper, crumpled paper or newspaper to fill the box and prevent movement of the product if necessary.
  4. Seal the box securely to ensure nothing can fall out during transportation.
  5. Once your booking has been confirmed, you will receive labels from MobileMuster.  Print these off and attach to each box.
  6. The box/es are now ready to be collected.  Our courier partner will arrive within three business days.  Always check paperwork before handing your boxes over.

It is important that the labels are attached as it is a requirement of federal legislation.  The labels will contain the UN ADG Code and indicate to the driver that there are lithium-ion batteries in the box, which must travel by road and extra care should be taken when transporting.

Note: Swollen, damaged and/or leaking batteries, or non-mobile phone batteries are NOT to be included in the box.

It is important that the packing instructions are adhered to. Courier drivers may refuse to pick up your box/es if the guidelines have not been followed.

If you have any questions or require additional support, please reach out to us via or call 1800 249 113.


  • (in case we need to contact you)
  • A set of 2 boxes will be shipped to you. Please note each box holds 10kgs of material, if you require additional boxes please email to