Educating Australians about recycling and the benefits it brings.

By recycling your mobile, you’ll be avoiding future greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy, protecting the environment and conserving natural resources. You’re also preventing potentially hazardous materials from entering the environment.


MobileMuster has created a schools program to provide teachers and students with practical and engaging learning resources. Our learning resources are aligned to the Australian curriculum and specific modules have been developed for Early Learning, Primary and Secondary students.

It is hoped that the knowledge gained through the MobileMuster learning modules will increase student’s knowledge, engagement, critical thinking and commitment to living in a sustainable society. Schools can participate in their own MobileMuster event which will demonstrate their commitment to individual and community action for sustainability.

Click on the links below to access our learning modules:

Schools Program

Running a MobileMuster at your school is free and easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Register your school
  2. Plan & Promote your MobileMuster
  3. Arrange a Pick Up
  4. Let us do the recycling
  5. Celebrate your achievement

Run a Muster

If your class, environmental group or SRC are running a muster follow our steps below to make it a success.

  • Introduce the students to the program by visiting the website and watching the MobileMuster promise video.
  • Organise a collection unit from MobileMuster or make your own by reusing a cardboard box or bucket.
  • Work out where is the best location for the MobileMuster collection unit and make your own. Make sure the area is visible and secure and the unit can be stored for the duration of the muster.
  • Plan how you will record the number mobile phones are collected during the muster. Set on what you think could be collected.
  • Undertake a survey on how many old mobile phones they have in their home. Design and distribute a survey to your school community or class.
  • Create a poster to advertise the MobileMuster event, this can be done individually, in groups or as a class.
  • Explore other ideas for promotion. For example writing articles for the school newsletter and social media, sending an article to the local newspaper, announcing the event at the school assembly, sending an email to class parents so that it can be distributed around the school.
  • At the end of the muster it’s important to think about how effective or successful your school’s muster was. Write a brief report for the school newsletter communicating the results of the MobileMuster.
  • Were the goals reached?
  • Was the promotion successful?
  • Did the event create awareness about recycling?
  • How could you improve the muster for next year?
  • Try to conclude the muster experience with some sort of celebration, thanking the students for their efforts. Share any records broken, or any rewards reached. Thank the students for making a difference. Encourage them to put these recycling practices into their everyday life. Share your student work and stories with MobileMuster.