We know that the next generation are the key to making a more sustainable planet.

Learning about recycling teaches us valuable lessons about sustainability and how we want to leave the world for future generations. MobileMuster provides practical curriculum material and engaging supporting resources for the classroom. Our education program allows students to look at the impact of mobile technology and encourages them to take action for a sustainable future.

Students can take a look at our digital library and learn more about recycling. Teachers can use our curriculum guides and access our digital library of videos, interactives, books and articles. You can even register your school to join MobileMuster as a collection partner and order a school kit.

MobileMuster also partners with Cool Australia to provide lessons for Years 3-8 designed to support teachers and students to produce quality films, photographs, and drawings for the competition.You can access the latest education resources from Cool Australia here. Through these lessons, students are given opportunities to apply their learning in real world situations, in the classroom, school, home or the local community.

Download or Order a free curriculum guide

Our Mobile Connections guide (available here) has been developed for high schools and addresses key inquiry questions in the Geography of Interconnections content area and covers personal connections, technology, trade, production and consumption all through the lens of a mobile phone.

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Order a school kit

You can register your school and we will send you an education kit to help you run and muster and learn about recycling. The kit provides a collection box, stimulus material, flip chart book and badges.

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Recycling poster

Display our recycling poster at your school and local community notice boards.

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Teacher resources

Use our tip sheet which will provide you with information on the curriculum material we have developed and stimulus material that you can use in the classroom.

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How to run a muster

Take a look at our guide so you can plan a successful event at school. We will set out all the things you need to do to plan, run and evaluate your muster activity.

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Educational use statement

We encourage teachers to use our education resources – please read our educational use statement for further information.