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What happens when you recycle


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What's inside your phone


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Mobile Connections 1

The digital book contains narrated videos, stunning images, interactive activities and detailed text to help students design and implement positive actions for sustainability.

Environmental calculator 2

Recycling efforts — big and small have a lasting, positive affect on our environment. Enter the number of mobile phones, or the kilograms into the calculator and see the impact you made with your own eyes!

What’s In a Phone Quiz 3

Take a look at our interactive quiz and learn how our phones are made and the materials that go into making them work.

Useful Links

We have put together useful links and reference material for the Mobile Connections program. You will find links on the following topics relating to mobile technology personal connections, mobile tourism, mobile commerce and sustainability.

Personal Connections

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Mobile Tourism

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Mobile Commerce

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The Electronic Afterlife

Australian e-waste ending up in toxic African dump Article

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