Annual Report 2020

Tue 3 Nov 2020

MobileMuster, the mobile telecommunications industry’s product stewardship scheme has released its Annual Report 2020. The report announced the program’s positive performance against key indicators meeting recycling expectations supported by strong accessibility and industry participation.

“This year has certainly been challenging for all of us. With more people staying home, we adjusted our operations and updated our messaging to continue to make recycling accessible to those looking to make a difference. Overall, it has been a successful year for the program collecting and recycling 84.7 tonnes of mobile phones and accessories” Spyro Kalos, Head of MobileMuster.

MobileMuster maintains high participation from both manufacturers and carriers who work together to deliver the voluntary industry program.

The report looks at the current trends in consumer behaviour and how MobileMuster has developed targeted education campaigns to help tackle the barriers to recycling and get more people engaged. It delves into the uptake of mobile phone repair and reuse understanding the important role they play in extending the life of a product in the circular economy.

The report acknowledges the positive and productive partnerships with the collection network including all the major phone retail stores, local councils, repair stores, schools, workplaces and community organisations. These partnerships mean that 96% of the Australian population are living within 10km of a MobileMuster drop off point. The long-term partnership with Australia Post was also highlighted. With more people staying at home in 2020 the program has seen an increase in demand for the reply-paid option as a simple and safe way to recycle.

The industry led program has evolved to more than just a take back program. The report highlights the comprehensive schools program and makes special mention of its Mobile Connections resources which received top honors by the Australian Geography Teachers’ Association. Mobile Connections resources allows students to look at their personal connection to mobile technology and how it influences people’s choices and actions, along with the implications for society, the economy and the environment. The high school geography unit brings together comprehensive curriculum materials with immersive digital resources and accredited teacher professional development, to foster critical thinking and enable students to make decisions and take actions that contribute to creating a sustainable world.

The audited annual report supports the commitment of industry to provide accountability and transparency of the accredited MobileMuster program, ensuring that its performance continues to align with the objects of the Product Stewardship Act 2011. The report contains updated key performance indicators, including an accessibility target, following reaccreditation of MobileMuster in 2019 for a further five years.

To download a copy of the Annual Report 2020, click here