Annual Report 2021

Fri 26 Nov 2021

MobileMuster, the mobile telecommunications industry’s product stewardship scheme has released its Annual Report 2021. The Report highlights the program’s impressive performance against key indicators meeting and exceeding recycling expectations supported by new initiatives and strong industry participation.

MobileMuster, under the management of AMTA, has continued to deliver a dynamic product stewardship scheme by delivering a world-class recycling program and developing new initiatives. Our members and community have also played a significant role in helping us to grow our recycling effort and achieve a 25% increase in annual collections.

The Report analyses trends in consumer behaviour. We know that most Australians are good at recycling but sometimes we all need a little help or motivation. MobileMuster developed four recycling personalities based on our consumer research findings. We launched four videos that delved into the recycling personalities and provided them with advice to help them take action when it comes to recycling.

MobileMuster continues to engage with existing and new partners and stakeholders to increase our access and awareness across the country and motivate people to recycle. We partner with charity organisations to incentivise consumers and thank them for recycling their unwanted mobile phones. We have provided over $1m to support our partners and help conservation activities.

Our education programs help to raise awareness with the broader community on how we can reduce the impact of our mobile phones on the environment and the importance of recycling. This year MobileMuster launched its school’s challenge that supported a project-based recycling initiative within their community. The challenge encouraged all schools from preschool through to secondary to join in and have an opportunity to win a range of prizes.

Our research indicates that consumers are looking to recycle more items than ever before, so we are currently exploring how to collect and recycle more product types that align with our industry. MobileMuster ran a three month take-back trial to encourage Australians to recycle a wider variety of electronic waste including modems, routers, landline phones, smart home technology, wearables and gaming devices. The trial was supported by the Federal Government’s National Product Stewardship Investment Fund which provided funding to develop a business case to expand the scope of MobileMuster’s product capability. The trial provided insights into recovery and participation rates, customer satisfaction and delivery of environmental benefits. AMTA and MobileMuster are using these insights to consider a possible permanent expansion of the program.

Aligned with our circular economy goals, this year we have been exploring ways to reuse the plastic material we collect and recycle into the production of our collection units. It has been a long process, but in the coming year we hope to see the roll out of our new collection units using 100% recycled content from electronic waste. A great example of the circular economy in action.

To download a copy of the Annual Report 2021, click here.