MobileMuster welcomes its newest member

Thu 13 Jan 2022

The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) is pleased to announce that leading wholesaler of a mobile lifestyle products, Force Technology International (Force), has joined the mobile telecommunications industry’s product stewardship program, MobileMuster.

“We are delighted to welcome Force, an organisation with 30 years’ experience in manufacturing, sourcing, marketing and distributing mobile phone and tablet accessories to our award-winning, government-accredited program,” said CEO of AMTA, Louse Hyland.

“Our members work together to reduce the impact of mobile phones and accessories on the planet and ensure they are recycled responsibly when they reach the end of their life.”


Image: Carl Bonham, CEO of Force

Force joins major mobile handset manufacturers and the country’s network providers who work in collaboration to provide a free national recycling program to their customers.

Carl Bonham, CEO of Force said, “We are proud to be joining MobileMuster as it reinforces our commitment to sustainability.  Being part of this industry-led initiative gives us confidence that when customers have finished using their mobile phone and tablet accessories, they will be recycled to the highest environmental standard.”

MobileMuster has been diverting mobiles and accessories from landfill since 1998. This year has seen an incredible 25% increase in collections, a key indicator that Australians are understanding the importance of recycling.  The program recovers over 95% of the materials it collects through recycling, avoiding future greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy, protecting our environment, and conserving scarce natural resources.

Head of MobileMuster, Spyro Kalos, welcomed Force as a new member to the program and said, “Every new member is an indication that businesses want to play their part in the product stewardship journey and means that our ability to grow the volume of our collections is increased.”

About Force Technology

Force has 30 years’ experience in product design, brand development, manufacturing, sourcing, marketing and distributing mobile phone and tablet accessories to reseller partners throughout Australia.  Their mission is to add value; by being the best in Australia in delivering market leading mobile lifestyle products to Australian retailers and consumers. They ensure that their network of products and brands form a genuine market-leading proposition.