MobileMuster’s Top Local Government Recyclers

Tue 22 Jun 2021

Australia’s government accredited product stewardship program, MobileMuster, announces the winners of their recycling awards at the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) National General Assembly in Canberra. The local government winners reflect the strong commitment of Australian councils to work with industry and deliver innovative and effective sustainability initiatives for the community. The awards recognise the council programs, services and people who support and promote the program.

Head of MobileMuster Spyro Kalos, said “We would like to acknowledge all of our council partners who help us educate the community and recycle through the program. We know all know that electronic waste, such as mobile phones, shouldn’t be placed in kerbside garbage or recycling bins, and we need to make it easy for the community to recycle safely and securely through accredited government programs like MobileMuster.”

Local government partnerships, especially in regional and remote communities have helped MobileMuster gain an expansive geographic footprint. The program works with hundreds of councils from the Northern Territory to Tasmania and has over 1,000 local government collection sites on their MobileMuster drop-off point locator. The program strives to ensure that mobile phone recycling is accessible to everyone with 96% of the Australian population living within 10km of a collection point.

Everything collected by MobileMuster is recycled for the circular economy. The program recovers over 95% of the material from old phones and accessories through advanced recycling, which are then used in manufacturing of new products thereby reducing the need for virgin materials. All the metal, glass and plastic in your mobile phone has the potential for a second life.

MobileMuster partners with nearly 400 councils around Australia reaching 18 million residents who help to recycle tonnes of non-renewable and valuable resources each year. Local governments are often the first point of contact for residents and small businesses who want to recycle tricky items like their old mobile phones and accessories. In partnership with MobileMuster, councils can help Australians recycle their mobile phones the right way. Thanks to the wonderful team at Moonee Valley City Council who participated in our Local Government Parnership video.