New year declutter

Fri 1 Jan 2021

Every year we see New Year’s resolutions lists dominated by new diet and exercise regimes. This year, MobileMuster is asking you to consider adding ‘be more environmentally conscious’ to your resolution list.

As many of us look for ways in which we can each do our bit for the environment, MobileMuster is encouraging people to consider the environmental benefits of reusing and recycling their mobile phones.  In taking this small action today we can see a big impact tomorrow as recycling a phone helps reduce future greenhouse gas emissions, save energy and conserve natural resources. Mobile phones are made from numerous materials including precious metals and through recycling we reduce the need to mine and take less from the earth.

Australians are early adopters of emerging technology and mobile phones are an integral part of our lives, with 91% of adults in Australia* owning a mobile phone. Based on research findings, MobileMuster have revealed that 1 in 3 Australians have recycled a mobile phone. Recycling is the final stage of the lifecycle of a mobile phone and the importance of reducing our environmental footprint has benefits across the board, including global warming, fossil fuels and depletion.

How we use, reuse, and recycle our mobile phone will influence the impact they have on the environment throughout their lifecycle and beyond. Through the MobileMuster program, over 95% of the materials – including glass, metal and plastic – from recycled mobile phones are recovered, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and landfill.

So, in 2021 we’re asking you to consider making the environment part of your New Year’s resolution with a commitment to recycling your mobile when it reaches the end of its life and do your part for the planet. In addition to phones, MobileMuster also offers recycling of other e-waste such as phone accessories and wearables. Mobile phones can be dropped off at various retailers including partners Officeworks, Vodafone, Optus, Telstra stores nationally.