Hassle-free handover

Tips for a hassle-free handover

Often a child’s first phone will be one that is previously used by an older family member. Passing on your mobile phone within the family is a great way to reuse the device and extend its life.

Follow these three simple steps to ensure that you have removed your personal data for a hassle-free handover:

  1. Backup – backup your data by moving your photos, videos and documents to your Cloud, Google account or by connecting your phone to a computer.
  2. Disconnect – disconnect all the accounts which are linked to your phone such as your iTunes or Google Play account.
  3. Reset – wipe the data from your device by performing a ‘factory reset’. This will return your phone to its original state by erasing all the data, including files and downloaded apps.

Watch our How To videos for Android and iOS on managing the data on your mobile phone. Remember that instructions can vary. If you need help, look up the phone manufactures website or contact their support services.

If your phone is damaged and you’re unable to remove the data – don’t stress – MobileMuster makes sure that all your data is destroyed in the recycling process.

Reuse tips for passing on your phone

When passing your phone on to a child, you can have peace of mind that you’ve given them a child-friendly device by following the steps below.

Keep your passwords safe.

To reduce the possibility of receiving any surprise bills from your child making purchases without your consent, avoid sharing any account passwords or PINs that would enable your child to make any purchases, including in-app purchases, from their device.

Restrict access to your credit card.

Ensure that your credit card is not linked to an account your child can access from their phone. This will stop them from being able to download any paid-for apps without your knowledge or consent. Consider creating an unlinked account just for your child and protect your linked account with a password or PIN.

Use vouchers for purchasing.

Vouchers are a useful way to give your child the opportunity to purchase and download the app they desire without giving them full access to your credit card.

Consider setting spend limits.

If you decide to allow access to in-app purchases, your child may not be aware that they are in fact spending real money. You can set up a spend limit by either contacting your mobile service provider or when you set up the App Store account.

Consider parental controls.

Familiarise yourself with the parental controls and privacy settings available for your device and mobile apps. Parental controls can allow you to manage your child’s device, set time limits and the content they can access. More more information and advise on how to set up parental controls visit the eSafety website.