MobileMuster partners with over 330 local councils around Australia, with 900 collection points in operation. We provide a number of resources to help educate your community about mobile phone recycling. Read our case studies on the award-winning programs and initiatives that councils have run to encourage the community to participate in the program. We have a number of collection bins available providing indoor and outdoor solutions. Contact us to find the best solution for you. 


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We can assist councils in establishing Community Recycling Centres that integrate our recycling collections to include mobile phones, batteries and accessories. We are able to assist your council in setting up a free mobile phone and accessories collection service as part of your Community Recycling Centre. To read our fact sheet, click here. 

Program Objectives

Our work with councils has two main objectives:


  • To increase awareness of recycling

  • To promote local recycling options to the community through council websites, publications, rate notices and events

  • To help communities develop a better understanding of the recycling process

  • To support recycling in local schools with the MobileMuster schools program


  • To set up and host collection points in council chambers, customer service centres, libraries, waste transfer stations or recycling centres
  • To provide co-branded, free recycling satchels for households
  • To integrate the collection of mobile phones with general e-Waste drop off days (e.g. as part of the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme)