Use it or recycle it

Thu 28 Apr 2022

Many of us have them, we move onto the new one and the old one simply makes its way into the bottom draw.  Mobile phones are what we are talking about. How many do you have stored away at home?  Most Australian households have at least two old mobiles that are no longer in use.  With an estimated 23.5 million stored across the country, now is the time to act, time to use them or recycle them.

MobileMuster provides over 3000 collection points around the country. You can find a drop off point at all major mobile phone retailers including Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, and Officeworks. You can recycle any brand of mobile phone along with any accessories that you are no longer using.  Simply ask the staff instore for help.  If you can’t get to a collection point, we also offer a free mailing label or satchel.

To date, MobileMuster has recycled over 1,600 tonnes of mobile phones and accessories.  The environmental benefits here are significant, we have helped avoid the equivalent of 3,520 tonnes of C02 emissions, saved over 18,000 tonnes of mineral resources and the equivalent of planting 92,000 trees.  If you have an old mobile phone at home going to waste think about recycling it today.

Recycle today. Do good for tomorrow.

So, what happens when you recycle a mobile phone?

When you recycle with MobileMuster everything is dismantled, and the components are further processed to maximize recovery rates.  The program is accredited by the federal government and ensures that everything is recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.  This also means that any data left on your device is destroyed through our recycling processes.

All the metal, glass and plastic that has gone into making your mobile phone has the potential for a second life.  We recover over 95% of the materials from mobiles and their accessories, which are then used in manufacturing new products.  This process reduces the impact of mobile phones on the environment by avoiding future greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy and conserving our natural resources.

What if I’m not ready to recycle it?

Not ready to recycle it, then think about reusing it!  There are three simple ways that you can reuse your mobile.

  • Selling it – a great way to recover some of the initial cost of buying the device.  There are many of us that are happy to buy a used phone that is one or two years old.  Selling the device within the first two years will recoup you the greatest amount of value.  The longer you hold onto it after upgrading, the less you will get when you go to sell it.
  • What about passing it on to family of friends? More of us are passing them on. Research shows that younger mobile phone users tend to pass them on to friends or to their parents, whereas older mobile phone users are passing them on to their kids.  It doesn’t matter who you pass it onto, the simple act is a great way to extend the use of a mobile.
  • Alternatively, you could even trade it in through your network carrier or handset manufacturer if you are looking at upgrading your handset.  It’s a great way of generating extra funds to put towards the purchase of your new phone or your monthly bill.

What about my data?

Don’t let the data on your mobiles stop you from reusing them or recycling them.  There are plenty of resources online to help you better manage your data.  We have developed data management tips along with “How to” videos to help back up, transfer, or delete your data.