What type of recycler are you?

Fri 11 Dec 2020

We know that most Australians are pretty good at recycling. However sometime we need a little help or motivation. MobileMuster has discovered four recycling personalities based on our consumer research findings. Each personality represents a certain type of recycler within the community that displays traits and motivations that drive their recycling behaviour. With the right mix of targeted consumer education and recycling initiatives we can help these personalities to overcome their barriers and encourage more Australians to recycle their mobile phones.

Can you relate to one of our recycling personalities?

We have developed four videos that delve into the recycling personalities and help each of them to recycle. Watch the videos and see if they encourage you to recycle. You can learn more about each of the personalities on our website: Zero Waste Recycler, Do Good Recycler, Tech Recycler and Concerned Recyclers. The recycling personalities have been developed from our Research Report Mobile Phone Use, Reuse and Recycling. Take a look at the report to better understand the impact of our mobile phones on the environment throughout their lifecycle and beyond.