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MobileMuster Film Competition Finalists 2022

Finalists announced!

Mon 31 Oct 2022

MobileMuster announces its top local council recyclers

2022 council top collectors

Mon 20 Jun 2022

MobileMuster Film Competition Finalists 2021

Finalists announced!

Mon 11 Oct 2021

New year declutter

Out with the old

Fri 1 Jan 2021

What type of recycler are you?

Time to let go.

Fri 11 Dec 2020

MobileMuster goes carbon neutral

Australia's first carbon neutral product stewardship program

Mon 16 Nov 2020

Annual Report 2020

Read our latest results

Tue 3 Nov 2020

MobileMuster Film Competition Winners 2020


Mon 2 Nov 2020

National Recycling Week

A future beyond the bin!

Thu 29 Oct 2020

MobileMuster Film Competition Finalists 2020

Finalists announced!

Sun 11 Oct 2020

Insights into mobile phone use, reuse and recycling

Explore our latest research

Tue 29 Sep 2020

MobileMuster is rounding up old mobile phones

To support Landcare Australia

Fri 31 Jul 2020

Matthew Kean (NSW Minister for Energy and Environment), Janelle McIntosh (Hornsby Shire Councillor), Philip Ruddock AO (Hornsby Shire Mayor), Spyro Kalos (MobileMuster) at the Thornleigh Community Recycling Centre in Hornsby.

Hornsby Shire Council wins top award

Local residents dedicated recyclers

Wed 10 Jun 2020

Meet our recycling champions

Making it easy to recycle

Wed 10 Jun 2020

Recycling at home

Our how-to-guide

Tue 31 Mar 2020

Left to right: Hon MP Trevor Evans (Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management), Spyro Kalos (MobileMuster Manager AMTA), Jane van Beelen (AMTA Chair and Telstra’s Executive Director of Regulatory Affairs), Chris Althaus (CEO, AMTA) and Matt Kean (NSW Minister for Energy and Environment).

MobileMuster Celebrates 21 Years

Changing the world one mobile at a time

Thu 31 Oct 2019
Film Competition Finalists

MobileMuster Film Competition Winners 2019

Watch the finalist films

Wed 16 Oct 2019
Award being presented to MobileMuster

Larissa Shashkof (MobileMuster) receiving award from Trish Houglas (Chairperson Australian Geography Teachers Association Board).

Mobile Connections wins education award

MobileMuster wins Geography Teachers' Association Award

Wed 9 Oct 2019

Spring clean and help the Salvos

Australians struggle to split up with their old mobile phones

Fri 13 Sep 2019

MobileMuster welcomes new member

vivo Mobile joins MobileMuster as new smartphones hit Australia

Thu 22 Aug 2019

Victorian e-waste ban

Victorian Government is banning all e-waste from going to landfill

Tue 25 Jun 2019

Spyro Kalos (Manager, MobileMuster) Chris Horsey (Manager, Waste Management, Hornsby Shire Council), Mayor Philip Ruddock (Hornsby Shire Council) and Matthew Kean (NSW Minister for Energy and Environment and local member for Hornsby).

Local Governments Leading the way in recycling

Hornsby Shire Council named Australia’s top mobile phone recycler

Mon 17 Jun 2019

100% biodegradable satchel launched

Recycle the right way!

Mon 3 Jun 2019

Use it or recycle it.

Is your old mobile going to waste?

Thu 30 May 2019

Recycling incentive helps clean our oceans

How your recycling action helped make a difference. Good job!

Tue 16 Apr 2019

A hand placing an old phone in a community recycling station.

Who will be our top local government recyclers?

Over thirty local councils from around Australia are in the running.

Fri 22 Mar 2019

MobileMuster teams up with Take 3 for the Sea

Recycle your mobile this summer and help Take 3 for the Sea reduce plastic pollution in our oceans. Win win!

Mon 10 Dec 2018

Reboot your recycling action

Take action for National Recycling Week

Mon 12 Nov 2018

1.2 million mobiles & batteries recycled. Nice job!

In 2018 the program collected and recycled 90 tonnes of mobile phones and batteries.

Fri 9 Nov 2018
Australia has more old phones stored away than there are people – equating to two in every household. A key reason for this is our lack of knowledge on how to remove data, with the majority of people (81%) admitting that they would be more inclined to give their old phone to someone else if they knew how to remove their data properly.

Data worries leave us hanging on rather than handing down

Is removing data too much hassle?

Sat 13 Oct 2018

Out of the junk drawer and into recycling

MobileMuster calls on Australians to join the war on mobile phone waste.

Tue 31 Jul 2018

Top local government recyclers

It’s a win for councils at the Mobile Muster awards.

Mon 18 Jun 2018

Encouraging sustainable outcomes

We’ve launched Australia’s first educational program focused on the students

Sun 17 Jun 2018

Who will be our top recyclers?

35 councils in the running

Wed 23 May 2018

E-waste initiative pages way for greener future

We’ve partnered with Victorian recycler to process batteries in Australia

Thu 26 Apr 2018

We turn old mobiles into meals for people in need

High fives to OzHarvest!

Tue 27 Mar 2018

Over 1 million mobiles and batteries recycled

Yep. Over 1 million.

Wed 1 Nov 2017

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